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One step closer to zero waste!

Great pleasures to experiment and grow healthy in this crazy world!!! interested with everything that can improve my energy !!! For many years now, I have been focusing on improving my relationship with nature, by guiding my consumption choices, I try as much as possible to minimize my ecological footprint.

BellaCoco and AlphaCoco products are the result of research and experimentation to make a healthier and more natural turn.

Bellathletik shampoos are gentle on the skin and are effective in their simple composition. Perfect for people in action who need an environmentally friendly way to stay clean!

Through their rehydration processes, they are more environmentally friendly because their transport mica containers are compostable. All you have to do is follow the rehydration instructions of our products, and you’ll be done. Plus, you’ll reduce your ecological footprint without changing your shower routine!

I am convinced that this improvement and discovery will please you as much as I do, formerly a colorist in a hair salon and now a client of salon stylists!


Bella xoxo

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